The Man In The Mirror

A life-long believer in visionary enthusiasm, Jordan Oram -  multi-award-winning, self-taught cinematographer - has always nurtured a belief in the powerful capabilities and lasting influence of the literary word as well. Over the length of his career, he has marked his memories and most valuable experiences with notes of gratitude, understanding and motivation to remind, encourage and continue to shape him into a well-respected human being first, and artist second. Like a farmer seeking to plough the seeds of these words that have propelled him to grow, Jordan now shares these with you in hopes you too will find hope, wisdom and comfort in your own ability to grow. 

A Scorpio and a devoted believer in the Kobe Bryant inspired  “Mamba Mentality”, The Journeyman is a physical manifestation of continuous self-refinement. Jordan’s journey into writing took shape when he realized he needed to look deep within himself and take his own advice. A reminder that he, himself, was his greatest source of inspiration and motivation, the thoughts encapsulated here are more than words: they are lived experiences of trials and triumphs that can be returned to regardless of time. 

In every page you peruse, Jordan carries his readers away in intense contemplations about life and teaches them fundamental lessons about fear, male vulnerability, curiosity, and self-ownership. This book is a must-have for young adults who need to be uplifted; for those who need clarity and vision in life. For the middle-aged who are more successful now than before, and for those who desire to impact the world positively but need a little watering to go and plant their own seeds and be fruitful.

In the 5 years that Jordan has been a professional cinematographer, he has earned respect and recognition in the industry, with his collaborative work hitting over 3 billion views worldwide. He has been the Lead Director of Photography on 2 feature films and numerous projects, including Drake’s God's Plan, Coldplay’s Everyday Life, Future’s Life is Good, and “Spiral” from The Book of Saw

Jordan is an avid advocate of self-ownership, a dedicated mentor within the BIPOC community, and a book club leader. His only hope is that a single seed of hope, love and encouragement, will be passed from his hand to yours wherever you find yourself needing to be fed. So, be watered and grow and pass The Journeyman along so they too may find power unearthed within themselves as their journey continues.